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Sleep Study: Uses, Procedure, Results in greenville, tx

If you are having difficulty achieving a restful sleep and still feel tired and sleepless every morning, a sleep study could help. The purpose of studies is to identify factors or conditions that are interfering with your sleep. Once discovered, a treatment plan can be developed to help you get the sleep you need. At Greenville Pulmonary Associates in Greenville, TX, Dr. Mohan Philip can perform a sleep study to find out what is keeping you from achieving a restful sleep.

How Sleep Studies Help

A sleep study is an effective method for identifying the specific cause of your inability to obtain quality sleep. Sleep studies can reveal previously undiagnosed conditions, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Other factors or conditions that can interfere with sleep include periodic limb movement disorder and sleepwalking.

If a specific condition or disorder is causing the problem, then steps can be taken to treat the condition so you can finally sleep. For example, sleep apnea is associated with brief pauses in breathing throughout the night when the airway collapses or becomes blocked. Every time breathing is interrupted, sleep is also interrupted. Treatments are available for keeping the airway open so sleep is not interrupted.

Sleep Study Procedures

A sleep study is conducted overnight in a relaxing setting. The purpose of a sleep study is to learn as much as possible about your sleep patterns by gathering a wide range of data. In many sleep studies, small electrodes are taped to the arms and legs to record movements throughout the night, which can reveal if periodic limb movement disorder is interfering with a patient’s ability to sleep. Information is also collected on such things as breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and brain wave patterns. All of this information helps doctors pinpoint what factors are interfering with sleep.

Sleep Study Results

The results of a sleep study can reveal what factors are impeding sleep. Once these factors are known, steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate them so you can finally achieve restful sleep. If sleep difficulties are due to a medical condition, such as sleep apnea, treating the underlying condition can resolve any sleep problems. As another example, periodic limb movement disorder or restless leg syndrome can sometimes be caused by an iron deficiency. Identifying either of these conditions during a sleep study can lead to testing a patient for an iron deficiency. If one exists, dietary changes can be made to correct the problem.

If you experience chronic difficulty achieving restful sleep, a sleep study could reveal the cause. Our doctors can then develop a plan for helping you finally get the sleep you need. 

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